Confidence Building, if you can't dance, learn whatyou're doing wrong & speed up your progress

Group dance classes aren't for everyone. Although students can get great results, sometimes you need a greater push and need to know what you're doing wrong.

Private dance lessons can help you with this. In the 1 to 1 dance classes we work on what is unique FOR YOU. After looking at how you move, a plan will be devised to try and erase your bad habits and make your dancing freer.

The connection you feel with the music, and opening up your body movement sometimes are areas that need further exploration and explanation with the help of a private dance teacher to awaken.

In the 1 on 1 dance lessons you'll build up confidence, and a repertoire of moves to suit the way you move. Normally it takes regular weekly lessons for at least a few months to see a marked improvement.

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Artist Dance Complex成立于2008年,是由翁士奇和Pamela BOUTHILLIER共同创立的一家创意舞蹈工作室。ADC作为一个艺术交流平台,将他们在欧美等地获得的经验及对舞蹈和艺术的激情带到上海,并与舞蹈爱好者们共同分享舞蹈所带来的快乐。